In addition to our technology, SourcingShark, our team of experienced procurement professionals work alongside your company to develop thoughtful and meaningful strategies so you get the most from your spend data. What can you expect?  

Data Analysis
  • We download your company's complete spend profile (minus salaries) and categorize the spend into commodities for clear visibility. We then use that categorization to analyze the spend data to create a strategic business plan. We attack each commodity to drive savings.
  • Achieving cost savings isn't always about shaking up the supply chain. Many incumbent suppliers have a good service record and good relationship with their clients. We provide in-depth benchmarking and analysis of suppliers to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.
Process Improvements & Implementation
  • We help companies by analyzing their procurement processes and help implement industry best practices to improve efficiencies within the supply chain departments.
Strategy Development & Implementation
  • We help move companies away from the day to day tactical purchasing and move them to smarter, more strategic processes to reduce both cost and workload.
New Program Implementation
  • Not only do we find new, more strategic programs for clients but we also help with the implementation of all new programs so there is no additional workload being put on the department.
Sourcing Shark Edited


SourcingShark was developed for supply chain professionals, by supply chain professionals.  Being procurement professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges.  With our technology and team of experts, we can take your reporting to the next level. 


By leveraging facts and logic, we manage a fair and objective process designed to identify the best suppliers wherever they may be.  We go to bat for you to negotiate the best possible agreement for our clients, considering total cost, quality, service and other unique factors.  


SourcingShark along with our consulting services is the missing piece to your procurement puzzle.