Karl serves as CTO and Co-Founder of Sourcing Insights.  He has over 25 years of experience working in the software development and technology industry. He began his career at Cooper & Lybrand now known as PriceWaterWaterhouseCooper where he earned his CPA and CISA.

He then went on to assume the role of Manager of Business Process Re-Engineering for the Dexter Corporation. Karl was actively involved in international projects both in Europe and Asia. It was then that Karl was able to bring all of his education and experience to the table while discerning how data solutions succeed and fail in real-world corporate environments. After his time at Dexter, Karl was at Ernst and Young as an Application Controls Consultant for SAP.

After working 10 plus years in the audit and consulting sectors, Karl was convinced that clients could be better served by a company that understood how to deploy targeted solutions instead of static half-measures. By combining his expertise in accounting and computer science, he was able to design a revolutionary software technology that delivers exceptional value to his clients.

In 1999 Karl founded Technology Insight Corporation (TIC) and set to bring laser-sharp result-oriented solutions to the Recovery Audit industry.

It was then in 2017 that Karl and Steve came together and developed a propriety software platform called “SourcingShark” and created what is known today as Sourcing Insights LLC.